IMPACTenergy ENERGY STAR Benchmarking provides guidance to successfully save energy, assess current operating energy efficiency, and help make informed management and investment decisions.

An ENERGY STAR Benchmarking Analysis an integral part of the energy performance process and the easiest way to get a snapshot comparison of your building’s energy performance compared to similar buildings nationally. Often, this is a key first step in identifying how to proceed with improving the overall energy performance of a facility.



ENERGY STAR Benchmarking provides organizations information on how they use energy, where they use it, and what drives their energy consumption. It is an essential component in identifying opportunities to increase profitability by lowering energy and operating cost.

Gain Recognition by earning ENERGY STAR
Earn recognition for your building’s energy performance across your entire portfolio. Share best practices, become a leader for energy improvement, top energy performance, or simply gain exposure through development of success stories showcasing a directory of achievements for clients.



IMPACTenergy manages the entire ENERGY STAR process, including administrating the Portfolio Manager tool, inspection of the property, and submission of ENERGY STAR application. After benchmarking is complete, we provide an analysis of energy efficiency through an energy audit and provide suggestions regarding increase energy efficiency.

Successful benchmarking uses the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool to track a building’s energy consumption and to receive an energy performance rating. Portfolio Manager aids in benchmarking buildings’ energy performance, set energy management goals, and identify strategic opportunities for savings and recognition opportunities.


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