How do you take energy efficient building concepts to reality?

IMPACTenergy’s Project Management Service provides assistance through the energy retrofit process. We provide a “road map” for prioritizing energy conservation measures, and organizing and providing a strategy for implementation of retrofits. We simplify the process help them realize savings faster.

We work with the building owner / property manager through the retrofit process by identifying financial incentives, scheduling contractors work and serving as a resource until all upgrades are complete.



An IMPACTenergy Project Manager helps bridge the gap between the energy audit report and the implementation of the retrofit process for the building owner. Customers looking to make energy efficiency upgrades are often confronted with a jungle of red tape, and coordinating between, auditors, contractors, and utilities can be daunting. A Project Manager ensures the best energy efficient improvements are made in places where there are the greatest opportunities for return on investment in the shortest period of time.



This service is designed to overcome traditional impediments to building owners / property managers making energy efficiency improvements. It includes, but is not limited to:

•  Promoting and processing applications for subsidized energy audits
•  Reviewing energy audit reports
•  Identifying high priority recommendations for retrofit
•  Creating action plans for retrofit projects
•  One-on-one customer counseling and meetings
•  Coordinating and reviewing contractor’s estimates/proposals
•  Providing guidance on energy measure installations and quality control
•  Ranking cost-effectiveness of retrofits, efficient technologies, energy
•  reduction monitoring based upon best available financing,
•  incentives/rebates, and matching funds
•  Working with the project team to successfully navigate energy incentive
•  programs
•  Managing customer rebate and incentive processing, and coordinating
•  paperwork and applications
•  Providing guidance on other sustainability concerns, like recycling,
•  composting, etc.


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