IMPACT energy Lighting Audit Leads to Major Savings for Chateau Beaver Creek

April 3rd, 2014

The results are in from a recent IMPACTenergy lighting audit to Chateau Beaver Creek: increased comfort, while saving energy and money.  A lighting audit is the foundation of a cost-effective, energy-efficient strategy that enhances the lighting design in your building.  Our goal for the Chateau, as well as all of our lighting projects, is to make an existing lighting system more efficient while maintaining, if not enhancing, the quality of the lighting.

Sustainable Achievements:
  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY  Following their lighting audit, Chateau Beaver Creek will now save more than $50,000 per year on energy bills and operating costs.  The lighting upgrade will save 75 percent in electricity for lighting.
  • COMFORT  Lighting audits evaluate factors such as under-lit spaces, color temperature, and architectural conditions before making recommendations for upgrades to ensure guest comfort.
  • VALUE  With aggressive rebates, LEDs have a better return on investment than CFLs and traditional bulbs.  The rebates available for LEDs are a positive tipping point for the investment, with payback seen in as early as three months.  Chateau Beaver Creek will receive more than $57,000 in rebates for upgrading to a more efficient lighting system.
  • ENVIRONMENT  Chateau Beaver Creek will, on average, save 75 percent on electrical lighting usage. The carbon emission savings is equal to reducing 100 cars on the road per year!

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