LEED® for Homes is third party verified rating system that provides a basis for quantifying the benefits of green residences. It encourages the creation of high performance, affordable, and environmentally sound homes. IMPACTenergy LEED for Homes Service directs our clients through the entire process to achieve LEED certification for their homes in a way that is fiscally sound and effectively managed.


Why (Benefits)

Green homes – Like LEED-certified homes – can have many benefits for your family, your environmental footprint and your wallet. Generally, green homes are more comfortable and durable, more energy and water efficient and have a smaller overall environmental footprint than conventional homes.


Process (How it Works)

IMPACT energy offers LEED for Homes services to homeowners to assist them throughout the design and construction processes.

There is a wide range of services offered for LEED for Homes including:

•  Registration of client’s home with the U.S. Green Built Council (USGBC)
•  Establishing the LEED® On-Line Scorecard
•  Developing a Responsibilities Matrix for each credit
•  Developing LEED project management tools to streamline
documentation efforts
•  Providing draft documents or templates for preparation of doumentation
•  Researching/submitting Credit Interpretation Requests (CIRs)
•  Reviewing product and building material cut sheets for LEED®
•  Reviewing all LEED® submissions and back-up documentation to
ensure accuracy prior to proposal of credits to the USGBC
•  Filing appeals, if required


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