IMPACT energy designs, develops, and implements solar electric systems for homes in Colorado. With solar photovoltaic systems you can make a positive environmental impact, reduce your utility payments and gain energy independence.

Many people install solar PV systems because they want to do their part to create a brighter future. Solar energy not only improves the health of the planet, it also makes financial sense.



There are an abundance of rebates and tax credits that combine to significantly offset installation costs. The investment you make in your solar electric system will protect against rising electricity prices for years to come, while offering a better return than treasury bonds or CDs—and less volatility than the stock market. Enjoy watching the meter “spin backward,” lowering utility bills and adding value to your home.

Benefits of Solar:

  • Eliminate or reduce your electricity bill
  • Immunity to utility rate increases
  • Guaranteed return on investment
  • Increase in property value
  • Environmental benefits
  • Energy security
  • Advantageous tax credits and rebates

Environmental benefits

  • Energy security
  • Advantageous tax credits and rebates


Start with a complementary onsite assessment of your home.

Initial Free Consultation

  • Discuss energy goals
  • Review home layout, roof structure, orientation, and solar access
  • Review of expected loads and electricity usage and utility analysis
  • Review current incentives and rebates

Design Proposal

  • Determine roof pitch, condition, orientation and size of roof to create a design plan to that achieves maximum power output


  • Professional installation crew will come to your home to install design

System Start Up

  • We will walk through each part of your new solar electric system so you fully understand how it works



Rebates / Incentives


Xcel Rebates and Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)

  • $1.00 per DC watt cash rebate (about $6,000 for a typical system!)
  • $0.09 per kWh Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) for 10 years (about $7,000 for a typical system!)
  • Minimal system size to qualify for rebate/REC’s is 0.5KW

Holy Cross Energy’s WE CARE Program (Eagle County)

Holy Cross offers cash back for installing Solar PV systems in Colorado. The incentive is available to residential customers and is $1.50/watt up to 6 kW (or $9,000) per installation.  The system must be installed within six months.
Please visit the website to learn more – HOLY CROSS WE CARE

Federal Tax Credit for Solar

Residential Tax Credit:
An individual can claim tax credits on 30 percent of spending on qualified solar systems after rebates. Individual taxpayers can use the credit to offset alternative minimum tax liability, and to carry unused credits forward to the next taxable year.

State of Colorado

  • State sales tax waiver (2.9%)
  • RTD sales tax waiver (1.2%)

The City of Boulder
The rebate is approximately 15% of sales tax

The Bottom Line
In practical terms, these incentives reduce your total out-of-pocket costs for a solar electric (PV) system by as much as 50 percent!


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