IMPACT energy Helps Another Builder Attain Highest Energy Star Certification

April 6th, 2014


IMPACTenergy’s latest project is an exciting one: helping guide residential development Lakota Ranch in New Castle, Colo. attain Energy Star Version 3.0 Certification!

“We love working with conscientious builders, who understand that superior home comfort, healthier indoor air, and energy efficiency go hand-in-hand and don’t have to cost a lot if done correctly,” says Melissa Kline, owner and CEO of IMPACTenergy, of the 400-unit development. “These homes, priced from $400-$600,000, will have annual utility costs at least $500 less than comparable new homes.  They are a tremendous value for consumers.”

Sustainable Achievements:

  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY  Energy Star Version 3.0 was designed to produce homes that use less energy. On average, new homes at Lakota Ranch will save their homeowners more than $500 per year on energy bills.  We are targeting 40 percent energy savings compared to similar homes NOT built to Energy Star Version 3.0 standards.
  • COMFORT With well-installed insulation and a properly-sized and balanced heating and cooling system, the Lakota Ranch homes will more easily maintain a constant temperature throughout.
  • HEALTH  Build tight, ventilate right.  Homes built to Energy Star Version 3.0 standards are required to supply fresh air to meet national standards (ASHRAE 62.2).  Unwanted exterior pollutants such as pollen and other allergens will also be filtered from entering the home’s fresh air.  Homes must also meet a maximum air leakage test.
  • VALUE  A home that is less costly to operate is more valuable.  Studies have shown that prospective homeowners will pay a higher sales price for an energy efficient home. A sustainable home will truly be the home that keeps on giving if you decide to sell.
  • ENVIRONMENT  Homes built at the Lakota Ranch development will on average use 17 MMbtu less energy per year than homes built to standard building codes. That’s enough energy to power an average home for nearly half a year and could reduce the amount of coal mined by 4,500 pounds!

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