Rebates for Commercial Energy Audits Now Available

April 15th, 2014
We are pleased to announce that IMPACTenergy is now a Holy Cross Energy Commercial Audit Program trade partner which allows us to offer rebates for Commercial Energy Audit Studies.  The study rebate is up to 50 percent off the study cost, up to $10,000 for each project.  Additional rebates are available for up to 50 percent off for each retrofit project as well. A Commercial Energy Audit focuses on low-cost energy-saving opportunities and capital improvements that reduce operating costs in the future.

The on-site inspection evaluates all aspects of the facility including: lighting, air conditioning, heating and ventilation equipment, HVAC controls, and all other energy equipment. Following evaluation, a detailed report is provided and includes energy conservation opportunities with the associated payback, savings, cost and available rebates.

If you’re interested in discovering how your existing facility could run better and save energy, or for more information on Commercial Audits, contact