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High Impact Lighting & Energy Solutions

We deliver measurable results:

  • As lighting distributors, Impact Energy helps with every aspect of your lighting project — from sourcing light bulbs to architectural lighting and decorative fixtures.
  • As your lighting partner, we have a systematic approach to transform your buildings’ energy systems.

Impact Energy serves clients nationally in hotels, hospitality, multi-family housing, corporate offices, and commercial real estate — both new construction and existing buildings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Partner with Impact Energy?

Our team at Impact Energy has over three decades of combined lighting experience. The Impact Energy team is composed of architects and lighting designers, translating a wealth of industry knowledge other lighting distributors can’t deliver.

We service customers through the lighting process. Clients can onboard in the design phase and work through the construction and sourcing phases until completion. They can also onboard at the final sourcing stage and consult the Impact Energy team for guidance.

We will help you choose the best lighting fixtures according to your team’s preferences. We can provide you with conceptual lighting design assistance, from fixture placement and layout to visual design and aesthetics. We start with your budget in mind and offer specifications and product recommendations for each fixture type in your design. 

Our team can select the fixture package and lighting controls that fit your parameters. Drawing from our broad network of brands and manufacturers, we can work within your budget and project design to make your lighting vision a reality.

From takeoffs to code compliance checks, our Lighting Certified (LC) professionals can review your plans with you to create the best solution tailored to your exact needs, with the best pricing possible.

We can source top lighting products, including: 

  • LED Lighting
  • Decorative Fixtures
  • Architectural Lighting

If we can’t find exactly what you want, we can source in-stock, aesthetically comparable fixtures and deliver them on your timeline and within budget. As a leading commercial lighting distributor, we leverage national buying power and technology to get you what you need quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.

Since we partner with many lighting manufacturers, we can coordinate with field personnel to ensure a seamless process and provide regular delivery updates to your on-site team. Once you’re ready to install, we’ll provide you with everything from submittals and technical support documents, so you have everything you need.

Impact Energy will stick with you even after installation to assist with warranty claims for all of your lighting fixtures and controls. Our team is also your trusted partner for replacement lighting products. 

The Impact Energy team also communicates with customers through all different modes of communication (emails, texts, calls, etc.) according to our clients’ preferences. Our team is incredibly responsive, and our quick delivery times ensure your project is completed precisely within schedule and on budget.

What are our Commercial Lighting Services

At Impact Energy, we handle all aspects of your commercial lighting project — from design to streamlined sourcing and project delivery. Impact Energy is a one-stop-shop lighting solution expert who can help you through the whole process.  

Impact Energy’s team of experts understands that hotels demand top-tier lighting suppliers, so we team up with the best lighting manufacturers to give you the best lighting fixtures, giving us access to the highest quality and most aesthetically-refined lighting products.

We offer lighting selection and procurement support in every project stage. Whatever your lighting needs, we can provide the solution efficiently and cost-effectively

Look at our case studies for some of the lighting fixtures we have provided our past clients.

What Lighting Fixture Brands We Carry

At Impact Energy, we carry 74 different brands for architectural fixtures, decorative fixtures, and LED lighting. The brands we carry include Acuity Brands, Juno, WAC, Philips, Satco, and more.

For a complete lineup of the brands we carry, see our line card.

If an interior designer, architect, or project manager on your team requests a specific brand outside the 74 brands we carry, we can pull inventory from an alternative by drawing from our broad network of brands and manufacturers. The Impact Energy team will get you precisely what you need for your project. 

We proactively manage inventory and logistical needs to ensure we can promptly get you the products you need for your project.

What are the Benefits of LED Lighting?

LED lighting has revolutionized how we illuminate our spaces. At the forefront of this innovation, our LED lighting solutions offer excellent lighting quality and unparalleled cost savings and efficiency.

Unlike the LEDs found in big-box retailers, which typically last around 10,000 operational hours — roughly a year of use — Impact Energy‘s LEDs stand out with an impressive lifespan of 25,000 to 50,000 operational hours. This longevity provides consistent illumination over an extended period and drastically reduces the need for frequent replacements, saving you both time and resources.

While the initial costs of our LEDs might seem higher compared to budget alternatives, the long-term benefits far outweigh the upfront investment, particularly for hotels that use thousands of LEDs. 

Traditional budget LEDs tend to burn out quickly, creating a large amount of maintenance costs and disruptions. Construction project managers and owners often overlook these expenses, focusing solely on the immediate cost advantage. 

However, when considering the time, labor, and inconvenience associated with frequent replacements, Impact Energy‘s LEDs prove to be a more cost-effective and hassle-free solution.

The extended operational lifespan of Impact Energy‘s LEDs is complemented by their warranty, adding an extra layer of security to your investment. Impact Energy is committed to offering a comprehensive service that goes beyond just distributing LEDs. 

For high-end hotel project managers seeking a holistic approach to lighting solutions, Impact Energy offers consulting services encompassing every project phase — from design and sourcing to delivery and installation. This all-encompassing approach ensures we maintain optimal performance, streamlining the entire process and allowing project managers to focus their efforts on more pressing tasks rather than dealing with frequent LED replacements.

In a world where energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness are paramount, Impact Energy‘s LED lighting solutions stand out as a beacon of innovation. By challenging the status quo and providing long-lasting, quality lighting, they illuminate spaces and a smarter, more efficient way of approaching lighting solution systems in the modern age.

How Can I Get Started With Impact Energy?

Getting started is easy. Simply contact us through the form below or call us at (877)754-6345. We will schedule a consultation to understand your hotel’s specific needs and goals. From there, we’ll develop a personalized plan that aligns with your objectives and brings our hotel lighting solutions and expertise to your establishment.

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