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Reduces Energy Consumption While Enhancing Guest Comfort

Hotel guest rooms and living spaces are unoccupied 70% of the time, yet account for 60% of energy consumption. By leveraging in-room energy control you can capture up to 40% in savings while delivering a personalized, connected experience for your guests.

We Deliver Impact

Energy savings of

Return on investment in 12-36 months

Utility rebates cover up to 60% of costs

How it Works

Experience Meets Efficiency

With occupancy-based in-room control systems, you can reduce energy consumption, improve operational efficiency, and give guests an exceptional experience.

  • Easily adjust temperature set points, ensuring that heating and cooling is kept in an energy-saving mode until guests are present.
  • Reduce HVAC runtimes and associated energy costs.
  • Install flexible, wireless solution that eliminates the need to reconfigure wiring.

Integration with Your Systems

Our cloud-based network system integrates with your building automation systems, property management, and third-party systems, providing a holistic view of each room’s needs.

  • Identify and proactively address maintenance needs.
  • Facilitate housekeeping service requests.
  • Troubleshoot HVAC problems remotely.

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We’re happy to review your building portfolio’s energy savings potential. Please reach out to our team of experts. Submit a message or reach us at (877) 754-6345.

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