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Reduce Consumption, Drive Innovation, and Maximize Savings

The Active Energy Management Program is an annual program designed to identify low-cost efficiency measures, partnering with you to implement and measure the impact.

The real power of our holistic approach emerges over time. By actively managing your efficiency on an ongoing basis, we develop an efficiency revenue stream that funds your future capital projects, allowing you to take advantage of emergent technology and generate even greater savings and revenue year after year.

What We Offer


We start by creating Top Recommendations — a set of high-impact, low-cost or no-cost energy efficiency measures to maximize your near-term savings.

Onsite Implementation

Then we work with your onsite team to implement the efficiency plan and deliver measurable results — this is what makes us different.

Measure & Inform

Our efficiency software measures annual impact, provides a ROI report for owner and building managers, and informs design of the coming year’s plan.

Realize Savings

With your efficiency revenue stream in place, you have a mechanism to perpetually fund your high-priority capital projects, and take advantage of emergent technologies.

Data-backed results

The program pays for itself in the first year, delivering big impacts.

  • Annual cost savings of 5 – 10% each year.
  • Compound savings up to 30% on your utility bills.
  • Meet your ESG goals of 30% reduction in emissions by 2030.

We Deliver Impact

80% of our customers have been with us 7+ years

Serving over 300 buildings and 75M square feet

$20M cumulative savings across our clients’ portfolios

Learn More

We’re happy to review your building portfolio’s energy savings potential. Please reach out to our team of experts. Submit a message or reach us at (877) 754-6345.

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